This weekend was brutal

So, weekends, they’re a time to relax from the stress of the 40+ hour work week; Down time.

This weekend, not so much. I was asked to dogsit for my parents, since everyone was out of town. Then I was told that the dogsitting also included taking the dogs for a 2 hour walk, during the open house that they’re having. Their neighborhood, isn’t really fun to take walks in; too many hills. Moreover, this walk needed to happen between 2pm and 4pm, which meant that there was a distinct lack of shade.

Anyways, add to that the fact that this was a Noir weekend, and Reive was in a car accident on Thursday, in which his truck was totaled. So, my bailing, which might have been possible, became a rather bad idea.

So, Friday, after work, I headed over there to check on the dogs. I found out that the amenities I expected to find, weren’t there. The apple TV had been removed, along with my brother in law’s playstation. All packed up for this move. So much for getting in some gaming time over the weekend. Not that I really had much time for it, as it turned out.

Of course the Noir setup and the Open House were both going to happen in the afternoon. We managed to move it to a bit later, so I’d have some time to get there. Of course my parent’s place, being the suburbs, isn’t really good for transit, and Noir isn’t back at Chapel Arts yet, since it’s still being renovated. So my usual 30 minute trip down to help with setup became a 90 minute trip down to help with setup. After which, I needed to get back to their place to let the dogs out and put them to bed, so they wouldn’t be a problem. I grabbed a Modo car, so I could head down to the event, but the Modo coverage in my parent’s area is pretty bad, so instead of the usual 15 minute walk back from returning the car, it was closer to 30 minutes. And of course in the morning, the dogs wanted to wake me up for breakfast.

At least this time, they didn’t bark at random strangers. Oh, and waking up on Sunday morning, I noticed my legs were sore. I’m  not sure what happened, it might have been the walk back from the Modo, or the walk to Robert Burnaby park, or sleeping funny, or something. Either way, I was limping around today.

So, rather than taking the dogs for the walk, I got a ride back over to my place, with KW, who was there with Sara, who’d been over helping prep the house for the open house, on both days. So, I got the dogs over. I’d been thinking I’d take them for a shorter walk in the flatter area, but my legs were still giving me grief, and I find out that there’s been a bit of a screw up with the whole tear down for the event. So, I grab a bit of rest, make sure the dogs are fine in the backyard, and head down to the event. Only a 45 minute commute this time, not too bad.

Get the vehicle, get down there, get into the underground lot, find out that it wasn’t just a volunteer shortage, it was a volunteer absence. Staff only, excluding myself, two of which are nearly crippled from recent events; though maybe I am staff at this point. Anyways, it wasn’t as bad as I expected, we managed to fit all of it into the one load; though it was pretty tight. Had we disabled the cross, we might not have been able to fit it in. Of course we couldn’t do that, because the socket wrench had magically gone missing. That’ll be a job for another day. And likely won’t I won’t be able to help with, since I’ll be at work til 9pm every day.

So, we finished that up by 8pm, got home by 9pm, found out that the dogs are still tied up in the back yard. Original plan was for my sister to pick them up around 6pm or so, but issues on the Sea to Sky highway prevented that. She just showed up a few minutes ago, and managed to accidentally illustrate why Gram has been so opposed to letting the dogs stay over at her place, when Mr G ran up the stairs after Jay, into the house, at a speed which would have knocked over someone who was having balance issues. At least it was G, who doesn’t shed much. If it had been the other one, there would have been tufts of dog hair around the house to clean up also.

Oh, and I’ve got an odd lump on my back, which seems a bit large for a mosquito bit, and I’ve noticed a bit of numbness/tingling in my fingers, which is not a good thing. I suspect I’ll be much better after a good night sleep in my own bed; which is next on the agenda.

(TL;DR: I had a rough weekend, and I need some downtime.)

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