Starlit Citadel, and Advertising.

Starlit Citadel is my FLGS of choice, despite not being all that local to me, having hours that totally don’t overlap with my work schedule, and them being more a warehouse than a store. I met them a few years back at Gottacon, and we’ve run into each other at various places since then. I’ve even helped them move. No surprise there, who haven’t I helped move?

For ages now, I’ve been referring people to their site, though I haven’t actually been using the referral links, so I haven’t been getting the Citizen Rewards bonus points that I should be getting; it’s a pretty nice program, btw… I’ve used it to get a decent number of free games.

Well, now they’ve set up an affiliate program, so I’m going to be adding those links to a couple of places on my blog. Mostly to posts referring to games that were purchased from Starlit, or could be purchased from them now, since a few of my games weren’t originally available from them, but have since been brought in.

I’ve been told that this whole social networking thing can bring in money, and while I doubt that’ll happen in this case, I’m at least curious to give it a shot.
When I initially tried to add their link to my blog, it didn’t work properly, partially because I’m running adblock plus, which I’d forgotten I’d left running. While Starlit aren’t at all excessive in their ads, they’re going through an affiliate company that provides ads to a ton of other companies, which explains why adblock has them blocked. So, I’ll be modifying some of their ads to make them work with my site, and trying to get them to still function with the affiliate code.

Below is a sample of what I intend to be using.

Purchased at Starlit Citadel

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