Another year, another plan to attempt NaNoWriMo. I should have done some planning and some warming up, to get back into the habit of writing things. In previous years, I’ve done movie views during Spooky season as a bit of a warm up, and those have been fun. This year, I haven’t watched as many horror movies as previous years.

A big part of that is probably just adapting to my new life.

Back in April, I got married. It was a small backyard ceremony in Squamish, just the immediate family and a couple friends. We’d planned it before the restrictions had been lifted, so we’d planned it smaller than it needed to be, just in case.

At some point, I’d done my A1C and it had been high, much higher than it should be. I’d been neglecting my diet during the pandemic.

Back in August I packed up my things, put the majority of them into storage and left Vancouver. A few of my friends were available to come by and help me get it all packed away. A few things were forgotten, but the majority is safely stored in a large storage pod, waiting for the next chapter.

Next week, the house I’ve lived in for the last two decades is apparently being sold. Well, it went on the market a couple weeks ago and the offer was accepted, and next week they’ll sign the paperwork. Something like that; I’m not really in the loop on what all is going on there.

Since focusing on my diet, I’ve lost some weight. The heaviest weight I have recorded is 346lbs, sometime in 2019. Currently, I’m around 304lbs.

I’ve gotten in a few evening walks recently,

November is Capra’s 30×30, which I’ve been yearly. So I’ll be trying to get in at least a walk a day, every day, for the next month.

With this warm up mostly wrapped up, I need to look ahead. What am I going to write next month?

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