NSFW – Bad tattoo idea

“Dude, I don’t think getting a prayer tattooed above your bladder will give you the ability to piss holy showers.”

“C’mon, it’s worth a try, what’s the worst that could happen? If it doesn’t kill them, it’ll still be worth a laugh.”

“Yeah, and I’m sure you’ll end up in the hall of fame after the other hunters hear you tried to melt vamps by pissing on them. Or at least get an award for it. One with a nice legged fish on it, I’m sure.”

“Maybe this is just my way of working through my grief and trauma.”

“Sure, laugh enough and you don’t notice the pain, I get that. But this just seems like a great way to get yourself killed.”

“Maybe, but what if I’m right? It’ll come in pretty handy for noobs. Just slap the tattoo on them and when they piss themselves in their first real encounter, they’ll at least be somewhat protected.”

“Okay… Yeah, I can’t argue with that logic. Stupider plans have worked before.”

“Have a little faith.”

“I have faith that this is more about your wanting to piss on hot goths than self defense.”

“Hey, don’t kink shame!”

“So you admit it’s a kink thing then.”

“Damn you… Yeah, alright. I still think it’ll work though.”

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