Lack of updates.

I’ve been unwilling to share my writing lately, mainly because it has not been very readable. Gibberish about random things, lacking structure.

Also in part because I’ve felt under the weather. Weary and unconnected.
With the exception of some brainstorming last Friday night, the parts of my brain that create interesting things have mostly been hibernating.

A few weeks back, I missed seeing the Final Girls at the Rio. Tonight, I corrected that. Damn its a good movie. Similar in ways to Behind the Mask and to Cabin in the Woods; an intelligent deconstruction of a horror movie.

The Horror Show Hot Dog guys have a great podcast about it.

I also read Bluescreen by Dan Wells, and really enjoyed that. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys near futurism and cyberpunk. Or Shadowrun, Netrunner, etc.

And I’ve been trying to get back into KoL, with mixed results.

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