Job – Bunraku Bust Out

Extract from Job – Bunraku Bust Out:

“Hoi omae, got a job lined up for you. Some Italian J in a shiny suit needs a body brought back breathing and unharmed. You want the gig hit me back.”

(Out of character notes: This will be the first time Dimestore and I have actually played in the same RPG in probably a year or more. That was Pathfinder and we kinda broke things a bit. This should be a fun session.)

A drizzly Friday Morning in Seattle. The meeting takes place in an A zone. The meet is taking place in a nice restaurant. The J is an Italian, as promised in the message from the fixer.

Fork shows up in his usual actioneer and greatcoat combo. Splice shows up on his bike, changing into his actioneer suit. Our Face is a well dressed woman, who hasn’t been introduced yet. There’s also another woman there.

The J wants us to recover a woman who has somehow shown up in a Bunraku Parlour, with a strange fullback phoenix tattoo. We get a copy of the tattoo, and the location of the parlour. We’re getting 60K for bringing her back safe, after our negotiation.

We queried our contacts, Fork asked Ross about the tattoo, he knew a chain that still used the tattoo machine. We filed that away for later.

We found a local bar to hang out in, while doing some basic scouting. Fork did the astral search, found a pair of wards, a force 2 over the place and a force 4 under it. Slipping through the ward, he scanned the area inside, getting a read on the people inside. Then he headed back outside.

Flowerchild went in, and used the old school throwback touchscreen system to rent his girl for the hour. Failing to find a girl of interest, he decided to ask the gangers if they had special order options.

After flirting with them for a bit, she wandered in, the facility was mostly automated. The lights pointed the direction to the right room, which was the only open door. Entering the room, a jammer kicked in.

Forked went in via Clairvoyance, and did a survey, but couldn’t penetrate through the secondary ward under the building, though the elevator will take it downstairs.  Did get a decent understanding of the building though.

Reaching out to our contacts, the downstairs area is pretty high level.

Without much information, Fork decided to slip through the wards into the basement is a big open room, with around 30 people in it. He found a tunnel that lead down into a more industrial part of town. The tattoo parlour happened to be 5 blocks away.

Fork went to the tattoo parlour, and used his magic carelessly, probing into the guy’s mind, then holding him with a spell while he erased the memory of what he’d done. Not exactly subtle.

We planted cameras at the tunnel entrance, found out that cars drive into the tunnels. Splice decided to trail one of the cars that left the tunnel. His first attempt to tail them, didn’t succeed, but he didn’t arouse suspicion either. His second attempt was much more successful.

Someone was in the van, and they went into a house in a swanky part of town. The van may or may not be empty, and it’s the best way back into the facility.

We splashed the guard with a combination of stick and shock and a stunbolt, knocking him out in the first round. They popped into the van, I proceeded to clean up my signature.

They’ve tied the guard up, proceeded to tailor his pants and vest into something more revealing. An Assless Zoe Suit and a Vest combination. With a strange symbol carved into his ass cheeks.

Hacking into the van’s computer, we looked up our target on the van’s reservation. So, we went to visit that guard. We tried to talk to him, but in the end, it was better to put him down. A couple of stunbolts, one of which he resisted rather well. The sneaker used the heavy machine pistol on him, which put him down hard, non-lethally.

With the guard unconscious, it was a simple matter to pick her up, and deliver her to the destination. The face gave her to the J, we took the payday and left.


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