Job – Final Notice.

Extract from Job – Final Notice:

“J needs some uncooperative tenants evicted from his property without them raising too much of a fuss. Think you can handle things?”

So, he showed up at the meeting, at a Soybucks wearing the Actioneer business suit. Carrying the greatcoat with the biker helmet. Forked Tongue, Delivery Boy, trying to climb the ladder down into the shadows.

The J wanted a DNI call in a Soybucks. Unfortunately, the trodes were installed in his helmet. So, since the fellow was insisting on a DNI, he had to put on the helmet to take the call, which was inappropriate. The Johnson was not impressed, and didn’t consider us to be professionals. (Different styles, I suppose. I’m used to runs where mages are not  assumed to have trode nets. But that might be because I’m used to mages who take Gremlins.)
Apparently on Runner Hub, DNI is de rigueur for public meetings.

The gunbunny suggested a bar, provided a map to it. On the edge of the Barrens. Not my favorite place in the world, but not a bad place for a planning session. When we got inside, he decided to pull out his piece and slap it on the table. Given that it was a sniper rifle, this seemed in rather poor taste. Then again, given his attire, that wasn’t a surprise. Also, the gunbunny may not be stable, as the J took a lollipop on his way out, and he decided to sing a lollipop song.

The datachip contains some details on the job. 6 apartments to clear out. 4 of them in one location. An old lady with her cats, 2 orc families, and a young male troll, chromed up and possibly gang affiliated. In the other two locations, both in Touristville, an old orc groundskeeper and a young female elf, who is being spied on, apparently.

Forked Tongue is having some doubts about this career path. He stops at little electronic shop to grab some extra gear. A trode and a bandanna to cover it, and a micro-tranceiver.

Then we headed into the projects. The gunbunny is going to play the body guard for the fellow who seems a little stuffy. The other guy, the face, he’s the driver, showing off the area, I suppose.

Forked checks in with the locals, wanting to pay his respects to the local mojo-slingers, getting a name. Maya, who may or may not be the cat lady he’s been hired to evict. He proceeds to head up into the apartment block to meet her.

The suit is surveying the neighbourhood, looking at it as a business proposition. The building is old style soviet block concrete building. One entrance, one exit, on either side.

Well, Forked managed to learn the layout of the building, that visitors get escorted in and out, and that Mia is the lady he was asked to evict. He also gained a free reagent from the whole process.

Forked goes for the summon spirits, deliver messages plan. The first apartment he visits, the spirit gets disrupted violently after delivering the message. That fits with the young male troll being dangerous. The other two message deliveries work reasonably well, though he takes some drain in the process. Then it’s a two hour nap to recover. And then a new spirit to try to check on the results.

While I was taking my nap, the face headed over to the elf’s place, and used the still frames from the camera to get into her apartment. He used his P.I. credentials and his bug scanner to locate the camera and remove it. Then he tried to put the fear into her. This was rather successful, she decided to pack her stuff and move out.

The spirits visited the 5th floor, where he’d requested people leave. They hadn’t left. Using fear, they didn’t leave either. They fought back.

Forked quickly checked out the older ork gardener, who fortunately wasn’t awakened, though he did have cybereyes and bone lacing. They decided to visit him and intimidate him.

So they’re knocking on the door of the ork under the stairs, since he’s in a basement apartment with the entrance under the staircase to the main building. And trying to get him to come out.

Dimestore, reading this feed, suggested that we provide some goats to the ork, a la the billy goats of grim. I passed this along to the chat, they were amused but confused, and decided to force the door open anyways, with a halligan tool. The resulting explosion was pretty massive, reflected in the small space.

This resulted in the delicious aroma of roasting edge, on both the individuals in the doorway. The suit in the car, he heard, ran in with the medikit, stabilized them, brought them to Fork in a non-aspected place to heal them up a bit.

Took them a couple of days to recover. Forked sent in a spirit, but the place had been warded. I went in astrally, to check out her wards. I pre-edged my roll, then critically glitched on it. So now I’m terrified of the old cat lady, and her doom wards.

Forked manages to convince the old lady to move out, going to a retirement community with a magical bent, but he has to take her place as the protector of these projects. So he’s buying a low lifestyle in the projects.

The process requires him to go apologize to the tenants of the apartments, which he does, sincerely. And then he applies for a new apartment, in the building.

We still have a young male troll to remove from the building, but the gunbunny managed to convince his fixer to hire the guy, as an up-and-coming runner.

We called in the J, got paid.

Forked Tongue will now live in the Avondale projects and has a public awareness, since he admitted to being hired to clear a building.

Mr. White and Dart have a new contact, the elven girl who may lean on them in a pinch.

The gunbunny made friends with YMT, who his fixer hired.

Overall, an interesting way to spend a Saturday Morning.

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  1. Joe

    Ah, the risk of pre-edging: can’t save yourself from the critical glitch.
    I suspect the GM was greatly amused by a double edge burn followed by a critical glitch 🙂


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