Games I should be playing.

Friday – its apparently really good. Solo Survival.
Mageknight – complicated, but the gold standard for solo games. A tough nut to crack. Maybe my goal for #GencantSolo.
Lord of the Rings – solid mechanics, good thematic experience.
Robinson Crusoe :  – another solid game with some interesting mechanics. Based on the novel, it’s very much a survival game.
Alien Uprising – Worker placement escape the alien planet game.

Two player – exclusively.
Claustrophobia  – asymmetric dungeon crawler. Go into the dark places to fight demons…
Mage Wars Arena – wizards fighting!

Two Or more.
Valley of the Kings – Egyptian deck builder. Neat Crumbling market mechanic.
Five Tribes – Mancala-based  tiles puzzle. Pick up meeples, drop in them in paths, collect the matches on the last tile, and go for a score. With some auction mechanics.
Legendary Encounters – co-op survival in the Aliens movies.
Xenoshyft – co-op lane defense against alien hordes, ala Starship Troopers.
Blood Bowl : Team Manager – Sportsball battles
Tokaido – Zen game of wandering through Japan.
Abyss – Pearls, Keys and the undersea kingdom.

Three or more
Dead of winter – tense survival with personal goals and the potential of traitors, and of course zombies.
Among the stars – build a space station by drafting titles.
Star Wars : Imperial Assault – mission based adventure game, in the Star Wars universe, around the time of original trilogy.
Cthulhu Wars – Conquer the world, and end it.
Black Fleet – Pirates!
Terra Mystica – Magical landscaping.

Four specifically.
Shadowrun : Crossfire – Co-op combat.

BTW, Most of these games were…

Purchased at Starlit Citadel

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