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I’m debating making changes to this site, for the purposes of making it more functional. One of the major changes I’m thinking of putting together a link to some of the content I’m more fond of, either as a header or a sidebar. I might also add in a function to sort by category easier. I’m not sure how many people interact with my site, so I’m not sure how much work I should put into making it easier to interact with.

I’m also considering learning how to do some basic audio/video production, and potentially putting together a podcast/youtube channel. I think I’d need  co-host/cohort, I’m not sure who I know who has the time.

I’m also thinking of working on more written articles, but the big limitation on that is that I tend to get a bit demoralized when I’m not getting much in the way of feedback on the stuff I’m working on. It’s a difficult balance, because too much feedback can be as bad as too little, since it can make me self-conscious about what I’m working on.

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    all good ideas, Feedback isn’t really my thing.. though I do peruse when you update.


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