Podcasts I listen to.

This will probably get converted from a post into a page, to make it easier to reference, but I was checking reddit today and was reminded of a podcast I’d listened to but I’d lost when I’d swapped phones. So, this will be a list of podcasts I recommend, which can also double as an easy place to reload my podcasts if I swap phones again.

Giantbombcast.  – Solid Video Game discussion with a mix of interesting personalities and digressions.

Stop Podcasting Yourself – Vancouver-based comedy podcast, with Overheards, material taken out of context.

Video Games Hot Dog – A great video games discussion podcast

Horror Show Hot Dog – Horror movie discussion podcast. Love the cast.

Slaughterhouse Princess – another horror show podcast. Moderately crazy. Mostly talk with them via their facebook.

Kingdom of Loathing Podcast – Where the guys from Video Games Hot Dog came from, fairly interesting, some material is only relevant if you play the game.

Welcome to Nightvale – Surreal community public radio from the desert.

Idle Thumbs – Video games discussion.

Shut Up and Sit Down – British board games podcast.

The Secret Cabal – Board games discussion.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg – Board games discussion, focus on gaming in regards to relationships.

Cardboard! – Board Games discussion.

Terminal 7 – Netrunner Discussion.

The Dice Tower – Board games discussion. – see also, Dice Tower Network.

Low Player Count – Board games discussion with a focus on smaller groups.

Critical Glitch – Shadowrun podcast, with a focus on teaching and public gaming.

The Arcology Podcast – Shadowrun podcast, focus on 5th Edition, and some recorded play sessions.

Harmontown – Only recently added to the roster. The brains behind Community, and they do some live Shadowrun, so it’ll likely stick around.

8-4 Play – Video games podcast, focus on Japanese gaming.

There are probably some that I’m missing, as I lost a bunch when I swapped phones recently after my nexus 5 required an RMA. For whatever reason my backup didn’t preserve the podcast software’s subscription file.

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