Saturday Afternoon, I headed over to Magic Stronghold, to check out the new Doomtown : Reloaded Organized play sessions.

I was late, because of the events of the night before, and the extended period of taking care of Nikita and Guinness, over at my parent’s place. And the transit problems created by Hat’s Off Day, and the related road closures.

Had I had more sleep, and had more time to properly rebuild my decks, I’d have enjoyed the game more. The deck I built, terrible design. Not enough starting influence. Maybe I should use other people’s deck designs off Doomtown DB, until I get better at it.

That’s the big stalling point of Doomtown, the deck construction is just a little too heavy, when compared to every other game out there. Balancing the deck structure and the draw structure, balancing influence and bullets. Being sure to have enough starting influence and enough money to keep working on the game. It’s tricky.

Again, I recommend watching Willingdone’s videos.

The hosts was a friendly guy, I’ve proposed we do another game in a couple weeks, and hopefully that’ll get things ready for the tournament he wants to run next month. Hopefully that gives me time to get a decent deck built. Still, $5 entry fee, so no big deal if my deck isn’t strong.

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