Apparently I pressed the wrong button and failed to save about a page of writing that I’d just typed up.

I wrote that I had a pretty quiet weekend. I helped with Noir’s setup and teardown, though I didn’t attend the event. I wasn’t really up for socializing in a loud place. I also skipped the socializing at Starlit citadel’s open house on Saturday, though I don’t have a good reason for that.

Got home around midmorning, and mid-afternoon I got a text from someone asking me to help with some community drama. I also found out that my plans with Dimestore, which had been postponed, were officially cancelled.
I was asked to take sides in an argument that I didn’t have the details of, so I tried to just squash the jerks and leave the rest of it for later. At some point, I’d like to talk to the people who have a clue, so I know what the logical next step is.
Tomorrow, I’ve got to get up early for an ultrasound, checking on my liver.

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