Diabetes Daycare

At the class on the 7th floor of Burnaby General.

Got my blood sugar metre, connected it via Bluetooth, so the results would be stored. It has a decent app, and it looks like there are other apps that’ll interface with the data. It’ll even send emails/texts like this one:

Last blood sugar reading: 5.4, After Meal, In Range
Date/Time: 01 Jun 2016, 10:11

It’s a Bluetooth link, and I’ve a habit of keeping my Bluetooth off. Thinking I’ll get a RFID couple of  stickers for the case, tap the phone, unlock it, enable the Bluetooth, then tap the phone against the case again to shut the Bluetooth back off. Something to look into.

Beyond that, I’ve got tools now, which means I can track things better.

I’ve been tracking my walks on my phone via the onboard pedometer and GPS, but I wonder if I should get a fitbit or something more accurate. I’ve got a good Garmin watch, that I should reinstall on my new pc, now that I’ve managed to free up some USB ports.

Jeeves, add that to my to-do list and remind me to do it in 6 hours.

Wait. I don’t have a Jeeves. Damn it.

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