Chat Transcript
10:32:33 PM [Ma] Hi, my name is Ma from Rogers Montreal, Quebec. How are you today?
10:32:43 PM [Ashton] Not bad. Yourself?
10:33:17 PM [Ma] Great! I’m fine, thanks for asking.
10:33:21 PM [Ma] How may I help you today?
10:33:23 PM [Ashton] Simple question. The Rogers One Number web based interface isn’t updating text messages. Known issue?
10:35:55 PM [Ma] I do understand how important it is to manage your account. You mentioned you would like to know regarding the Rogers One number interface is not updating text messages. I can definitely assist you with this today.
10:35:57 PM [Ma] In order to access your account, I will require some information from you. Please click on the following secure link to enter your personal information. You will notice a request for a 4-digit PIN. If you do not have one associated to your account, please leave this field blank.
10:36:13 PM [Ma]
If a form requesting your personal information does not appear, please click here to open it in a new tab.

10:38:19 PM [Ma] Thanks for completing that information, I have received it and it will be a moment for me to retrieve and verify your account with it. Please allow me a few moments to access your account information.
10:38:21 PM [Ma] May I have the phone number associated to your account please?
10:38:28 PM [Ashton] 604-###-###
10:38:42 PM [Ma] Thank you.
10:40:49 PM [Ma] Thanks a lot for your patience. I would like to confirm your Email Address is [obfuscatedforsecurityreasons]@gmail.com , is that correct?
10:40:53 PM [Ashton] yes
10:41:48 PM [Ma] Thank you.
10:42:11 PM [Ma] As we are updating our system, may I ask what is your current Cable/Internet service provider?
10:42:28 PM [Ashton] Lightspeed Communications, DSL wholesaler.
10:42:49 PM [Ma] Thank you for that.
10:43:28 PM [Ma] While reviewing your account, may I remind you that with your MyRogers account you can access yourr account 24/7 to view your bill, make a payment, monitor usage, and make account changes.
10:44:50 PM [Ashton] Ha!
10:45:14 PM [Ashton] you mean you’ve stopped doing 5 hour maintence windows from 11pm to 4am pst on a semi-regular basis?
10:45:51 PM [Ma] For your question, regarding the Rogers One number. No,there is no issue with that.
10:46:03 PM [Ma] May I know what browser you are using?
10:46:11 PM [Ashton] I’m getting a yellow triangle on messages.
10:46:45 PM [Ashton] Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m, on windows 10, currently up to date on all packages.
10:47:41 PM [Ma] I see. Maybe, you could clear the cokies first.
10:49:20 PM [Ashton] Tested via incognito session, which has no cookies, issue persists.
10:51:44 PM [Ma] Could you please refresh you computer then open the Rogers One number again?
10:52:04 PM [Ashton] Yes, that’s what I did.
10:53:52 PM [Ma] May I know what device are you using? Is it a computer, tablet or cellphone?
10:54:31 PM [Ashton] Windows 10 desktop.
10:55:21 PM [Ashton] This is the part where I ask about a shiboleet, since you’re clearly using a tier 1 script.
10:58:42 PM [Ma] I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Since you’re using the windows 10 desktop, then u tried to clear the cookies and refresh it. Maybe there is a problem with the system.
10:59:07 PM [Ashton] There is a Yellow Triangle. What does the Yellow Triangle indicate?
10:59:24 PM [Ashton] Do you have someone who can check the server logs for the error message for you?
11:01:38 PM [Ashton] same issue present on chromebook. issue is not system specific.
11:01:54 PM [Ashton] Shall I load a different IP or different network to verify that issue isn’t IP related?
11:02:58 PM [Ma] Maybe we are having a system error now to Rogers one number. I suggest that you will check it tomorrow if the issue is still there. And if it is the same thing, kindly contact us so that we will make a case for it.
11:03:38 PM [Ashton] What is your procedure regarding requested escalations?
11:04:33 PM [Ma] You will just contact us then we will make a case for it.
11:05:27 PM [Ma] But as of the moment, we will just Wait for tomorrow,maybe the system is okay.
11:05:34 PM [Ashton] If this wasn’t merely a method of letting my phone charge faster, I’d be extremely annoyed with your inability to locate this issue or escalate it properly.
11:06:56 PM [Ashton] I work in a very similar job, though at a higher level, and your performance was lacking.

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