Writing a bit more, but not writing enough.

I need to be working on more of my fiction. I need to be reading and writing on a daily basis. I haven’t worked on much fiction lately, and I really should be. The only way to become a better writer is to write, to keep putting words down. Minimal edits for clarity, rather than writing and rewriting the same chunk over and over again, until you bugger off from frustration.

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    Delilah S. Dawson ‏@DelilahSDawson (on the Twitter yesterday)
    Every book you start helps you as a writer, but the ones you finish help you 1000x more. 1 finished, crappy book is worth 1000 shiny ideas.

    Sub out book with Story..

    also I really enjoyed your stories when they were cropping up. hopefully some more will be coming in the not too distant future.


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