Well, we’ve got a new favourite.

So Delirium, I wasn’t expecting much from it, dude gets out of a mental hospital and his parole is house arrest. His father’s dead, self-inflicted from a few days before, and his brother is stilling jail, his mother ran off when he was young, so he’s gone from being surrounded by people in a mental health facility to being on his own and isolated.

Naturally, he gets a bit weird. Especially when his parole officer decides to take his pills away.

Of course, we’re not really sure how much of the story is reality and how much of it is his head; normally that leads to an unsatisfying conclusion. This time however, they did a good job with the script, navigating us through the potential mess, and out the other side where things get darker and more interesting.

I can’t say much more without spoiling it, but it’s been my favourites of horror movies I’ve watched recently.

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