VR game idea

I’ve got a vr game idea I would love to see developed.

A moral choice game where you have an angel and a demon on your shoulders, that are only visible in the peripheral vision, not when you look at them directly, and that emit a glow when you’re working for their alignment.

Titling your head towards one voice, better hearing it. Except when the other one decides to scream.

Thinking it would work best as a detective game with really grey moral choices.

At one point, I wrote a screenplay about an implanted conscience, so that’s the other possible direction.

You’re on parole, you’ve got a digital conscience on your shoulder, as you navigate the world. Then one day you wake up with two of them, with different agendas.

At one point the idea was cyberpunk, it was an implant in the brain, creating the hallucination, and then a hacker who wanted to kill the program hacked in to sabotage it. But is there really a hacker? Is there really an implant? Are you really out of jail?

I kinda like the idea of a story that unfolds possible ways, with one ending being that you find out it’s an occurrence at owl creek execution hallucination, one you save the world by exposing a conspiracy for mind control implants, etc.

Games tend to not go with the huge branches, because you end up doing far more work than a given audience will see, if they take a different path.

And it does interfere with a single coherent narrative and even narrative consistency, if you don’t have an objective truth to refer back to.

Though having an objective truth that is hinted at and a series of subjective truths that the player is exposed to, is something interesting to explore.

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