Today’s Summary.

So, I got frustrated today, and ended up not coming back from my lunch time walk. I had been tempted to do that the day before, but I forced myself to go back in. Today, I wasn’t able, or perhaps willing, to do that. Instead I took a longer walk. Then I had a brief dizzy spell. My meter wasn’t in my bag, so if I wanted to take a reading, I’d have to head home, though by the time I’d gotten there, I’d eaten some apple slices and was feeling fine, so I didn’t bother with the reading, as it would have been inaccurate.

I decided it would be a good day to get my A1C test done, so I went up to the Regency Medical building. The place was basically deserted, so getting my blood taken took no time at all. And now I’ve got the card so I can get it done again in 3 months time.  This is only relevant because I’d tried last Wednesday and had run into problems. A long wait followed by a lack of paperwork and multiple failed attempts to get the paperwork faxed over. Today though, I got it done.

Then I went home and started to work on that FreeCodeCamp thing I’d started the other day. I’ve completed the sections on HTML 5 & CSS, Responsive Design with Bootstrap, & jQuery. The combined time estimates for what I did was around 13 hours, and I’ve probably put in less than half of that. I’m now doing the first real assignment, which is to build a tribute page and then a personal portfolio.

Well, I should be. I’m having trouble with the tribute part. I don’t know why, but it has me feeling pretty awkward.

I’ve learned a few things though. How to use <div> properly and some basic alteration of properties. Though right now, I’m not sure how much I actually learned them. I understood them at the time, but I didn’t do enough with them to get them to sink in properly. But that’s what these projects are for. Though right now, I’m feeling like the tribute project is a bit too open ended for me. This is the point in time where having a peer group or a mentor would likely help.

I walked for over an hour today, but I should probably go for another walk.

And I still need to decide if I’ll be able to force myself to go into the office tomorrow. I probably should have talked more about what was bothering me, but I’m censoring myself since I know some of my coworkers will read this and previous posts of mine have been read by those outside the intended audience, despite privacy settings.

Then again, I don’t have anything to hide anymore, haven’t really in a long time now. It is mostly a case of others being annoyed with me for airing dirty laundry they’d rather not bother to clean.

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