There will come a morning after…

I’m on the bus on the way back into the office. I’ve had an interesting weekend. Created more content than I’ve created in a long time. It can be found over on EroticVancouver. That’s the majority of the writing I did this weekend, though there’s another 50% again as many words that have been written and will be released on EV over the next couple weeks.

While I was at Taboo for most of the weekend, I did manage to get some work done. Delivered three modems that should go live sometime today. And sat in the dungeon programming an ATA during the show, so that the ported number would work properly.

After I finished playing Locker Tetris with the gear from the dungeon, I delivered the ATA, tweaked the router and tested it out. Then I headed over to the post Taboo defrag. It was nice. Managed to get the last piece of the live blog finished while sipping on homemade gin.

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