The Tallest.

Well, I’m sitting here about to have some BBQ at Memphis Blues with our good friend The Tallest, aka Tall Alex.

Earlier today, I popped onto Facebook today to check in on things and saw he was actually online for a change. His plans had been buggered, so I offered to help him out with the move.  We set up a plan and head out for a meetup near Stadium Skytrain. After I get on the bus, he calls me with an update. He’s getting a 1-ton for tomorrow, so the rush job with the Modo truck isn’t needed today. Instead, we can hang out and be social. I can’t remember the last time he and I hung out. It was probably back in October.

Anyways, he gives me the news that he’s heading out of town. Back to Ontario. The man who has crossed the country for love once has decided to do it again. Well, I wish him the best. For now, we’ve got BBQ and some (root) Beer.

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