The Ritual

So, I’ve seen this one on netflix as a suggestion a few times, but didn’t think it would be worth the watch. Well, The Ritual definitely has some amazing moments. Especially the first death, that sets the stage for the whole trip into the woods. It’s incredibly mundane and ordinary, but also rather gory. There’s just something heavy about that scene, and you really feel for the protagonist who seems to have a mix of PTSD and survivor’s guilt over how his friend died. And of course it doesn’t help that some of his other friends blame him for it. After all it was his idea of walk into that store, and while one of them died, he walked out without a scratch. It gets creepier once they get off the beaten trail, and at times I wondered how much his PTSD was screwing with him, vs something actually being wrong with their circumstances. 

Overall, I’d say give it a watch, it definitely has atmosphere and some creepy moments. 

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