The Calm before the Storm

Well, it’s Saturday morning, and I’m sitting on a couch, watching House with my Grandmother, who is currently cuddling my stuffed Cthulhu. We’ve been watching House for a few weeks now, since I had it on one night after work. Prior to that, I’d been watching it to decompress after work, and I’d gotten through five or so seasons. I think we’ve only got a season or two left.

In theory, I should head down to Taboo soon, but Gram isn’t feeling great, so I’m sticking around here for a bit. On Monday, she had some heart problems, and was hospitalized overnight. That was pretty stressful for me. Work was understanding about it, something I appreciate. I made the right decision not to pursue the other job opportunities.

Thursday, I headed down to Taboo to do setup. Well, first I picked up a couch from the Salvation Army store and delivered it, in order to recruit a volunteer to help me with Taboo. Then I hit the storage locker, loaded in the few pieces that Noir was bringing down to Taboo, drove down, and dropped off that gear. I stationed one of my volunteers there, and ran some other errands. And then I made it into the office, only an hour late, something I’d previously arranged.

I didn’t manage to get any Taboo preview writing done, which I had intended to do. I could have gone down to Taboo after work, but I decided to go home and spend time with Gram instead.

Last night, after work, I headed down to Taboo, and managed to get a decent amount of writing done. I did a few interviews with various people hanging out in the dungeon and planned out what I want to write over the next few days.

I’d like to get back to writing on my fiction projects, and maybe some other articles. However, I think I need more mental space to be able to get that done. Which means it’ll probably be a week or so before I manage to get much writing done.

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