tech woes

I haven’t been writing much lately, partially because I had a major technological failure the other day and managed to have both my Nexus 5 and my 14″ chromebook cease functioning.

My ancient macbook doesn’t really have the battery to be of much use as a writing tool, if it isn’t plugged in someplace. My desktop is an option, but the chair in front of it doesn’t seem conductive to great writing.

The backup cellphone, currently can’t log into wordpress, as it lacks NFC, so my security protocols won’t let it on. I could bypass that, but I haven’t really felt it was worth the effort.

I keep thinking about replacing my chromebook, but I can’t decide on a particular flavor, and I keep hearing that the new specs in the fall will be worth waiting for. Though with a chromebook, the specs aren’t overly relevant.

I liked the 14″, but it was a bit big, even if it was lightweight. I could go with a 11″, but will the keyboard be wide enough? My hands are rather large.

My specs are pretty simple. Lightweight, comfortable keyboard, long battery life. Screen quality doesn’t matter much, processor isn’t a big deal; overall, cheaper tends to be better.


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    if you want compact grab a tablet/comp and if you need a bigger board they have USB ports (or bluetooth) personally Im a gaming rig kinda guy.. big ass Alienware for me


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