Sugar free

The threat of type two diabetes has been looming over me for a decade or more, as a larger person. It has now ceased looming, and is now actively influencing my life: Metforin with my meals, minimize sugar, get more exercise.

I’m not sure how to deal with it, emotionally. Nor how to deal with the extra 30 lbs I’ve picked up in the last year.

I need to get my bike checked out, so I can ride it, see if that’ll help. I want to get an exercise bike for my room, since I spend all my time in there.

I suspect if I were more like my sister,  I’d convert the garage into an exercise room. An old TV out there, a bike, etc. Unfortunately, with the existing swampy wiring problem, that’s not a reasonable plan.

Logically, I should go to the gym, but for whatever reason, I’m not comfortable with that idea.

In the mean time, I guess I’ll try walking more and seeing if that works. Though I probably need to pack my own water. It won’t be enough, but it is some activity. Start there, get some momentum.

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