Some gaming, finally.

Over the weekend, Dimestore, Thike and I got together for some gaming. We had a game of Legendary Encounters Alien, where we won for a change. This was likely because Dimestore was playing the commander role and his main move was to collect up all the sergeants, allowing him to grant us an extra 2 purchase credits during our turns, or giving me an extra two damage when I was using the mercenary. It was definitely much easier than in the two player games.

I think it was also less fun for me, as I was playing as the mercenary, and most of the time I’d sacrifice my purchasing power to be able to damage the aliens that were coming at us. I almost never purchased anything good for my deck, and it was definitely something I noticed. The deck felt weak, or perhaps lacking in development. It felt like I wasn’t seeing any cards other than my basic starters, with the exception of one coordinate card I’d picked up. I think that’s a weakness of the mercenary role.

Legendary is a decent co-op game, and I’m going to enjoy playing more of it.

We’d intended to play Doomtown, but didn’t have decks built for it.


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