So, tonight I’m headed back to Club 23. Now known as Hindenburg. It was a place I spent more than a few nights over the years. Some good times, some rough times.

I’m going to be working it, moving furniture, helping with getting an event up and running. For a community that I’m not sure I’m part of anymore.

I am fond of the people who have asked for my help, which is why I’m doing it. I’m just unclear if I’ll fit into things these days.

I killed my fetlife account, after a promoter who used to work at this club posted a link to something I’d written and tagged my real name on the post.

I’m wondering if I should bring back the account.

I’m wondering quite a few things these days.

I’m dealing with the diabetes, though I lack the equipment to really understand the effectiveness. Though that’ll change soon. Next month, I get my diabetes daycare classes.


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