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Recently on Jezebel, there was an article about a Male Feminist being accused of rape. I brought the topic up with Reive, as something Erotic Vancouver should address. The biggest problem is, currently EV is a bit lacking in active female writers.

We recently added 2ndNature, though I think she’s still getting stuff sorted out. We were also adding Moon Dancer, though I’m unclear when she’s going to have the time to write, as she tends to have a busy life.

So, I approached a couple of other females from the kink community, for their opinions. We’ve got a few of them interested in a round table discussion on the topic. I think we’ll get a good discussion out of it. Mostly I’ll just be facilitating and taking notes, since I think our readers would prefer that we avoid mansplaining this issue.

The topic that I want to look is just predatory behavior in the community in general.

For me, the biggest flag about some male feminists, is the camouflage aspect of it. The article refers to it as Macktivism, a portmanteau of Macking and Activism, and it is described as a dating strategy. I see it as a predator trying to find ways to hide by disguising themselves something harmless. For various reasons, that really bothers me.

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  1. Garth Spencer

    One of the reasons I gave up trying to find a girlfriend is that I am still stuck in the nerd/geek stage; I am still capable of making a clumsy (and easily deterred) approach, which a sufficiently sensitized woman can mistake for an assault. That’s one kind of social foul. The kind of predation you’re talking about is quite another kind of social foul. The many problems with defining social fouls and penalties, to continue the sports analogy, are that we don’t have teams; we don’t have an explicit, common rule book; we don’t have the same goals; in fact, only some of us are playing a game, while a lot of us are *not*, in the first place. All of that being the case, it’s just as well to stay out of a nightmarish disaster waiting to happen.


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