Post Mortem. New Years.

Well, I went out for New Years eve. And not long ago, I made it home. The last leg of my trip home was a 3 km walk, from Renfrew up to my place. During the walk, I had a decent amount of time to reflect. Right now, my gut says that it was likely my last night out at Noir or other kink events for the foreseeable future. It was not a bad night, but a few minor things have left me feeling like I need to take some time away from things for a bit. The difficult part of that is that I’ve recently committed to helping grow Erotic Vancouver, including a highlight article on the upcoming Taboo show. I’d also started to spearhead a charity project, but either someone else can pick that idea up or it can sit on the back burner for a while. I’m sure very little of this makes sense, and part of it is probably the result of the minimal amount of sleep I managed last night, but I need to pay more attention to my boundaries, rather than ignoring them as I’ve tended to do. If something makes me feel wrong or upset, I should get some space from it. So that’s what I’m doing.

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