Off my meds

So, a few weeks back, I got a renewal of my prescription for cipralex. But I misplaced it. So I never bothered to refill it, and when I got down to a handful of pills left, I lowered my dosage, so I wouldn’t be going off them cold turkey. I believe I’m starting to feel the effects of no longer being on them, but its hard to be sure. My tolerance for incompetence, rudeness and general disrespect have gone down a fair bit. In theory, I should notice other emotional responses, but at the moment I haven’t really encountered them.

I may take a few sick days to assist with finding my equilibrium, and I may need to find a new job, as I suspect I won’t have the fortitude to continue to ignore some of the things I’ve been ignoring for the past however long.

I forget how long I’ve been on these for. Certainly long enough that there are people who only know who I as who I became after I began taking them. Those individuals may be surprised at who I’ll have become when I come out the other side on this one.

I didn’t care enough to make the effort to find the paper to renew the prescription. That’s a surprisingly clear reason to get off them, in my opinion.

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