Odd Thomas (The book and the Movie)

This morning, I finished reading the novel Odd Thomas. I’d previously seen the movie, and like Horns, John Dies at the End, and pretty much every other movie that comes from a book, I’ve heard the book was better. Since I’d bought myself a kobo the other day, I’d loaded Odd Thomas onto it, and read it over the last few days. This is my thoughts, on both the book and the movie.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I’d probably suggest that you see it. If you’ve got the patience for it, I think you might want to read the book first.

It’s hard to write about this story without spoiling it, but I’ll give it a shot. The book is quite self aware, just a little bit more so than the movie. The main character has an Odd name, an odd life, and this is something of his origin story. Given that there’s 7 other books in the series, I think that’s a good thing. The character, while perhaps not overly easy to relate to, comes across as a good person. Flawed, as we all are, but with good intentions.

The plot, the twists his life takes, the place where it takes place, have a similar quality. You can’t quite relate to it, but you can appreciate it. Where he lives, and how it feels is actually tied into the plot, which is something I appreciated.

This is the end of the spoiler free section. I’d not bother reading below this line, until you’ve either read the book or seen the movie.


Yes. I know there’s nothing here. I don’t trust you. Go read the damn book first. Or watch it on Netflix at least.

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