Obviously, I need to write more.

Today I decided to invest another $100 into my 2009 White Unibody Macbook. I’ve already replaced the main hard drive with an SSD to keep it functional and stripped out the CD room drive for a space to throw in a bigger storage drive.

While my chromebook is my preferred machine for writing on while I’m mobile, the mac, when plugged in, is still a better machine to work on, especially since I can actually load a bunch of applications and have them all function properly. On the chromebook, I’m having to root it, load a xfce shell, and then install the apps inside that. It’s just a bit more work than I want to do most of the time.

At some point, I need to get around to resyncing my ubikeys & lastpass implementations. It’s currently only working on my cellphone and my desktop, and it would be handy to have it available on all my other machines. But that’s my own fault since the password string I used for it is rather long and complicated, as it is a master password after all.

At some point, I need to see about modifying some SIP phones for wifi usage. Those will come in handy.

In the meantime, I’ve set up a SIP account that will be able to reach me as a local Vancouver call, where ever I might be at the time. I’m not sure how useful this number is to people, but it now exists.

Perhaps I’ll change the voicemail and set it up as a call-in number for comments. Or perhaps I’ll get a 1-877 number for that. I can currently get those at a nicely reduced rate.

I should get back to my writing, especially the Drunken Wormhole story. I think I should remove the working title and replace it with something a little more subtle, though I’m not sure what would work. Perhaps something related to grapes into wine, with a biblical grapes of wrath reference. Sowing the Grapes of Suffering perhaps.

I started writing up some of our shadowrun stories, over on reddit, they went over fairly well. Though without the players around, it’s a little harder to write those up at this point. Although, we do have the audio logs for most of those sessions somewhere. It might be worth going through those to pull out some key events.

I’ve been meaning to write up a few more board game reviews also. I played Cthulhu Wars the other day, and Roll for the Galaxy last night, both those could use a review. I’m not sure how well received those are, as I don’t really get much feedback for them.

I don’t really feel like writing when I’m home these days. At least not at my desk. And I haven’t really had much inclination to write when I’ve been out, as I’ve been on the macbook and it’s been in that limbo state. With the new power supply, maybe I can be more confident in it.

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