negentropic agent

For the longest time, I’ve had difficulty in defining what my beliefs in a format that I was able to convey to others. All language is layered with context and nuance, and I found that when I tried to adapt or adopt philosophical terms or concepts as a method of creating a short hand or context for my personal beliefs, I would inadvertently attach some baggage that I hadn’t intended or anticipated. For the while I referred to my belief system as the phrase sentimental nihilism, as it seemed to share some common elements with the nihilistic philosophy, though taken in an unconventional direction, hence the sentimental. While these two terms conveyed the basic concept, they also brought in a certain distrust from people who had had negative experiences with individuals who used their nihilism to excuse character flaws or life choices. There was also a certain misunderstanding of how the term sentimental was being used. I had been using it to refer to the concept sentimental value, something that was often unclear. Tonight, while insomnia prevented my sleeping, I pondered various alternative phrases and one came to mind. I am actively resisting entropic principles. Perhaps I am just resistant to entropy, but that doesn’t quite feel right. It doesn’t encompass the beliefs. The entropic principle is that over time, things age and decay, unless they are maintained. Some would call this opposition to entropy the negentropic agent. Perhaps I am a negentropist.

Originally written about a year ago, just prior to the creation of this blog, and never imported into it, strangely, unlike other older posts. 

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