November is usually a pretty bad month for me. There’s usually a half dozen things going on. This year, it’s quieter than most, aside from the election down south, there isn’t much happening. Everyone is in hiding, due to the the recent uptick in cases. Or at least they should be.

There’s a 30 for 30 going on, which I didn’t bother to enter, but that I’m doing regardless. Currently, I’m on day 3. First day was a nice hike in the woods, out at Green Timbers. Second day was errands, up to safeway and the bank, and around the neighbourhood. Third day was a walk due East, then back around to the house, in the light drizzle. Nothing fancy, but it counts.

I’ve been doing some Beat Saber, but that’s been about it for my exercise lately.

In theory, I should try to write something. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been inspired lately. There’s a few ideas in my backlog, but nothing with any real flow to it.

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