My audience.

When I originally started this, I had an idea of who might read it, but no solid plans for how to reach any of them. I figured I’d focus on what I had to say first and worry about who I wanted to read it afterwards.

However, as the internet is a strange mixture of ephemeral and everlasting, of fluid and static, and of random interconnections, I have to consider who else will read it and what impact that might have on my life.

I know at least one of my coworkers knows of this place, as he helped me setting it up. Other coworkers know that I own the domain, but I don’t know that they’d go out of their way to read it. They might, they are a surprisingly great group. The other day for my birthday, they got me a cake and a card. As I’ve only been working there a short time, I was surprised that they’d go to the trouble. And I was touched that they had. I’d been a bit grumpy with a couple of them a few days before because of various customer related issues. It helped remind me of the importance of being part of a team, something that was lacking at my last few jobs.

I posted to my Facebook that I was working on my blog and a few friends asked for the link. And then my mother asked for the link, I warned her that there will likely be things on here that she doesn’t need to know, but she decided she wanted it anyways. So far, I haven’t shared it with my grandmother, but I don’t doubt she’ll find it before long, she’s a sharp cookie.

So, aside from friends and family, current coworkers and various others I currently know, there will also be people I don’t yet know. People who only learn about me through the words I’ve written here. In most cases, I suspect the words I write will create a much better first impression than bumping into me on the street or in a bar.

Then again, I have to ask myself if it matters what impression I make. What matters most is that my words are taken seriously, not that people like the person writing them.

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