Monday plans.

It’s Monday, the start of another work week. I’ll be working til 9pm every night this week, so that limits what I can plan.

I’ve got my #30for30 going on, so I’ll need to be getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. That means a walk every day before I head to work, preferably before I shower, so I’m not offending my coworkers.

I’m thinking I might try for more, during the evening, after I have my dinner, since I haven’t done night walks in a while, and I kinda miss that peacefulness.

I’d like to get some Shadowrun planned for the weekend, but it seems unlikely. But that’s up to Dimestore; though I guess I could try to have a character building session without him.

I’ve been craving some board games lately, so I’m thinking I’ll set up either Mage Knight or Robinson Crusoe on the downstairs table and leave it up and running as a solo game. Could also do this with Eldritch Horror or some of the other Co-op games. Maybe the Pandemic dice game. Though Robinson Crusoe and Mage Knight are considered the most challenging and engaging in this category.

On an unrelated note, my scars are itchy recently. Mostly the ones from my Gallbladder surgery a few years back. No idea why.

My attempts to write something for EV have been kinda blah lately. I should get inspired to write something, but I’m a bit lacking in inspiration.

Same goes for my attempt to write fiction, though I have a recurring character rattling around in my head. A journalist with a mysterious curse that ensures that he’ll always awaken to the sounds of conflict. He’s adopted the nickname Warzone, since that’s where he keeps ending up. The problem is, I don’t see how to fit him into anything.

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