Matt’s Campaign – Day Two

We awoke after sleeping in the gypsy camp, to find that Kevin now has breasts and considerably more curves than the night before. Most of the party don’t comment on this. The paladin, goes out of his way to comment, and seems okay with it.

The party backtracks past the gallows, before heading to a bridge that crosses the river that fed the lake that the gypsies had camped near.

We reached a second set of gates. Passing through them, we secured them closed and camped for the night.

During the third watch, when Silion and Vellos were on watch, something brightly lit came out of the woods and attacked them. The zapping attack was loud enough to wake up the rest of the party.

The paladin smote it, which resolved the threat. Untying the gates, we continued west.

We encountered a body that had been savaged by wolves.

We carried on, until we reached a mill on a hill.

Approaching the mill, we were warned off by a raven.

The mill seems fairly fortified.

The mage and the paladin went into the mill, while the fighter tried to find a place to climb up.

They go up the stairs inside the mill, silently. The top floor appears to have witches, who are eating children.

The mage and the merc surprise the witches, while the paladin surprises himself and loses his footing. After that, he gets tossed out the window and crashes into a heap at the base of the windmill.

The mage hit one of the hags with a lightening based spell, which connected them with a chain of energy, but the hag escaped it by turning invisible. The other hag turned into a seagull and flew out the window. Vellos attempted to shoot down the seagull, but missed completely.

The cleric attempted to force the seagull to grovel.

There was combat, eventually one of the hags was killed, and two were driven away.

Twin Blades found a book in the attic, the Tome of Strahd.

Bottles of Youth, Laughter and Mother’s Milk were taken, along with six Dream Pies.

The bucket of Black Ichor in the corner glowed brightest of all, and it appeared to be conjuration. The barrel turns out to be demon ichor.

So we’re going to be burning down the mill.

There are now four altars that we need to visit to reconsecrate as part of a ritual to destroy the Heart of Sorrow, which protects Strahd.

The altars are at  Luna Lake, the Velacian Valley, the Swamps of Iviliss, and the bowels of Mount Gahkis.

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