Matt’s Campaign – Day Five

The party continues to try to get off the crumbling bridge. Ismark tried to leap onto the wagon, but failed, falling to the ground.

One of the werewolves leaps up and tries to pull Vellos from the wagon, Vellos resists, and then throws a thunderwave into him, knocking him off the side of the wagon.

The merc tried to press on, his horse was slashed by the larger werewolf as he got into range.

The elf drew the sun sword, which blazed to life, filling the forest with light.

Ismark gets up from being run over by the cart, and leaps onto the back of the cart.

Ianyor drops flat as the cart rushes towards him. The cart rolls over him harmlessly, but he fails to grab Ismark’s hard to pull him onboard.

We continued to flee from the werewolves, heading down the road.

After an hour of riding away, we ran into a barricade with children attached to it.

The party attempted to parley, but this didn’t work.

The elf rode his horse up to the barricade, then teleported over it, stabbing the werewolf as he arrived.

The huge winter wolf landed on the roof of the wagon and blasted with it’s breath, knocking down the strange sorcerer. Vellos fed a potion to the sorcerer, and then blasted the wolf’s mind. As it flew from him, Ismark stabbed it through the throat, killing it.

There was much fighting, and people keeping knocked down.

At some point, a strange woman on a horse showed up.

The wolves were killed or driven off, then stuff needed to be sorted out. Including the woman stealing the wagon from us.

The party hid in the woods, and then set up inside the tiny hut.

And in the morning, we woke up someplace else.

After a day’s walk, we found a barbarian and had a conversation.

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