Material chained.

The other day, I cited material possessions as the chains that bind us to our ruts, or at least me to mine. My biggest chain would be my board game collection. It has grown large and menacing over the last few years; were it to pounce on someone, that person would surely be crushed under the weight.

There is also a smaller collection of books, and some DVDs. The majority of the books have been replaced with ebooks. There area few of sentimental value or that would be a pain to read digitally, but for the most part, they’re not something that would need to travel with me. Same goes for the DVDs. Netflix would cover most of my movie needs.

Beyond that, a few knickknacks are scattered around, but I’m not sure if any of them hold any real attachment.

A few pieces of art, I suppose I’d miss those.

My pile of monkeys and other fuzzy friends. Leaving them would be a bit strange.

Then there’s the tech, though plenty of it is irrelevant. I’d be happy with a Chromebook for most of my projects.

A decent gaming PC, it’s an expensive replacement, but doable in time. Especially given how little I actually play games these days.

I suppose it would make sense to keep a console, but none of them really inspire me to bring them along.

The 3ds gets packed, I suppose. Its light, has a few games, and doesn’t take up much space.

The final pieces of tech are the monitors. Expensive, but not really portable. Pretty easy to replace, I suppose.

Clothing, some costumes, but really not much there that matters. Mostly just t-shirts that I liked. Like my KoL Bonestar shirts.

Yeah, reflecting on it, the board games are the big obstacle. Though I suspect I could find a good home for them, if I wanted to go traveling.

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