Madness ensued.

It’s been nearly a week since I posted. The last week was a rough one. There was a bit of an issue at work which resulted in some of extra hours, and I managed to turn my cold into a respiratory infection for a few days. All in all, I’m really grateful for that lovely electric fire that faces my bed. I don’t think I’d have recovered as fast without it.

I found out I’m going to be losing another friend, but this time on good terms. I won’t be able to make it out to his going away party, but we had a nice meal the other day.

I’m still trying to figure a few things out. I’ve wasted another weekend, because I didn’t feel up for anything. Partially it was a health issue, partially it was a lack of things I’d like to do, and people I’d like to do them with.

I’ve got Thursday off this week and I’ve booked that evening for hanging out with Dimestore. There is a chance we’ll try out Doomtown Reloaded, or maybe some Netrunner, or some other random board game. I’d like to find a few more people to join in for that.

Speaking of Netrunner, in a previous post, I said there were two Tournaments this month. Well, I managed to fail to attend both of them. The first one was because of complications and the second was health issues. Either way, I haven’t built a deck I’m happy with in a while, so it wasn’t a big loss. I need to get deeper into that mindset. Either that or I need to spend more time on OCTGN.

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