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This is my attempt at a review of iCandy, a party that is thrown on Friday nights at Club 8×6, by ScottyHotty half of the [adjective not found] Plur Duo, with his partner, Markus|edge. The Plur parties have been some of the better events that I’ve attended. I’ve also enjoyed the energy on the dance floor at Noir when Markus has been up on the decks.

The events they throw have had a good energy, a good vibe, a good [word for a spiritual thing that is hard to put into words without sounding like a hippy] or something like that. I’m not sure how best to explain it, but I can recommend the event for someone who wants to explore their sexuality and boundaries more, in a low pressure and low judgement environment.

I’ve been to three or four parties at Club 8×6 at this point. The Mad Hatter party and both of the iCandy parties. I think there was one other, but I don’t recall.

For the most part, I’ve ended up in a comfortable corner, with the Neon Wand kit plugged in, doing electrical play demos and socializing with people. For who haven’t been educated on the various strange and wonderful toys out there, [here’s a crash course on the Violet Wands]. TL;DR, it’s a zappy fun electrical play toy.

[Right, sorry, digression. Back to praising Plur. They put together an interesting event. I have not experienced any of the other events at Club 8×6, so it’s a bit hard for me to distinguish the aspects of the event that are unique to the event from those that are part of the venue. ]

The best way to review iCandy is to give you the spiel I’d give to a friend who was curious about attending.

iCandy takes place in a great venue, just off Denman, right behind True Confections, that great little dessert place. Being downtown, parking absolutely sucks. Anyways, you go into this little room, pay your fee through the glass window, they give you a padlock with a key and buzz the door open. Down a set of stairs, you enter into a locker room. Find a locker without a padlock on it, change into what you find comfy and sexy, or whatever you’re ready to wear, lock up your phone and valuables, and go exploring.

The venue isn’t brightly lit, so it might take your eyes a bit to adjust. They’v set up a social area and a dance floor, and then across the ways, through a bit of a doorway, they’ve got a dungeon and a curtained off area. I’ve yet to explore past the curtained area, so I can’t talk about that. The dungeon area has plenty of equipment set up, with appropriate supervision. If it’s your first time, it might be a bit much for you. Then again, some people just want to leap in with both feet. One thing you’ll probably notice is that there are plenty of safety supplies around.

Back in the social area, you’ll find a pile of Pink and Green cards on the table, with some markers nearby. These are for writing out a brief introduction about yourself. What handle or name you go by, your orientation, and some of your interests. Then you attach that card to your outfit, and you’ve got an instant icebreaker. I’ve been told that the Pink cards are for if you’re mostly looking to observe and the Green cards are for if you’re looking to actively get involved in play.

You’ll find that the people are dressed in a variety of outfits and have a variety of body shapes and sizes. And the surprising part, nobody seems to have a problem with the body types they aren’t personally interested in. It’s a very body positive and sex positive night.

Those are the basics. Beyond that, I think you might need to experience it for yourself to understand it.

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