I need to write more.

I’ve looked over the dates on my blogs and I’ve had a period recently where I haven’t really been writing. I’ve worked on a couple of articles for Erotic Vancouver, but I’ve only managed to publish one. I’ve got another one that needs to some work, the idea is there, but what I’m going to do with it isn’t there yet. Beyond that, I wrote one short piece of fiction, and a couple smaller things, but almost nothing of any note in the last month or so.

Partially this was related to stress and tech issues. I had a couple of cellphone issues and some PC issues. And work was busy for a bit, which tends to leave me more frazzled than functional.

I’ve been walking more, and I haven’t had a good way to dictate while I’m walking, which might be something to look into. I suppose I could re-install the cogi app, which was designed for recording audio and flagging important bits. But for that to really work, I’d need a better mic for it. I suppose I could get a bluetooth mic, but I think that seems like a higher tech solution to the problem than I want to get into at the moment. Carrying the lighter of the two laptops and stopping to write when I have an idea is probably the best solution.

Speaking of audio tech, I should also see if I can find a co-host, as I batting around the idea of starting a podcast. That seems like it might be something I’d be good at. Though apparently the best podcasts do some pre-scripting.

Still, I should be writing more.

I suppose it didn’t help that I got very little response to ISLE, which I thought was a charming little idea.

I expected Garth Spencer to have been amused by it and reposting it, at the very least, but nothing from him.


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