Gottacon planning.

Well, Dimestore and I got our Warhorn clearance today. We can now register for the various festivities. Well, we could, if the site was actually letting us register, which it doesn’t seem to be doing. (After a quick email to the organizer, it is now working.)

I’m wanting to do the midnight game again, as it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else. But I wonder if that’s being selfish. We’ve done it before, maybe we should leave the slots for people who haven’t experienced a multi-table game before.

I think I want to compete in a few of the tournaments. Netrunner, for sure. Lords of Waterdeep, probably. Not sure what else would be fun.

I’ve got my tickets for the Nude Hope and Portal 2 show. Those should be good, I enjoy what the Geekenders have together in the past.

I wonder if Dimestore and I should put together a Shadowrun Missions session or maybe a game of Crossfire.

If I had access to more copies of Arctic Scavengers, running a mini-Tournament of that could be extremely amusing. Call it the Frozen North Tribal Challenge. Perhaps pick a few other games with a similar theme and make it into a charity event. I like that idea. I wonder if I can convince anyone else it’s worth doing.

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