foreclosure is scary.

So, Condemned, originally titled God’s Acre, is a horror movie about a dude who rode a bubble, buying property, becoming a landlord, and then losing the majority of them in the collapse, as the tenants failure to pay resulted in the bank foreclosing on most of the properties. Just one crumbling unit is left, and he’s going to try to fix it up, flip it and rebuild his life. Except the walls don’t match the blueprints. And so he uses a hammer to open up the wall, finds weird stuff and develops a theory about a former tenant who killed his wife and daughter. After which, he follows up on one of them, only to find out that the guy’s wife was still alive and carrying a shotgun, which he accidentally discharges into the fellow. And then has a breakdown, because he remembers where the stuff in the walls really came from. I don’t know, this was a slow film, and didn’t really work for me. 

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