Doomtown : Reload… I want to play it.

I really wish there was a local Doomtown league, though if there was, it would probably be happening on nights when I can’t make it out. Maybe I’ll see if I can organize something for Sunday Evenings.

Conceptually, I like Doomtown. You’ve got a posse, you’re developing a town, setting up businesses, taking over businesses owned by other players, getting a bounty on your head in the process, and sometimes, you’re having shootouts. Shootouts, which are done by drawing a poker hand, with your specific dudes effecting how many cards you draw or replace. Highest hand wins, and the difference between the hands determines how many casualties are caused. And you can decide how those causalities play out, whether they’re spread out as minor wounds amongst your guys, or whether someone gets sent to Boot Hill.

The biggest problem with Doomtown is the deckbuilding. It’s complicated. It is a bit hard to wrap your head around. Willingdone, who does Netrunner and Doomtown card reviews, made a great intro video for it, so I’ll link that here. Watch it, it’s interesting.

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