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Yesterday, I thought twice about buying a foam case for this laptop, so if I dropped it, it won’t get damaged. Then, last night, I dropped it in the parking lot and chipped one of the corners. No real damage, it just looks a little roughed up now. Not quite as slick as it did before.

I’m sitting here, listening to Weird Al playing on the apple tv, after having run some random errands. Last night, I fell asleep watching black mirror, apparently missed the end of the Striker’s episode. Then I got comfortable, and slept for about 6 hours. That’s pretty unusual for me, since lately I’ve been waking up every few hours to take a leak. I went back to sleep, and slept til 11 or so. In theory, I should reactivate that sleep tracking app on my cellphone to capture some data to go along with the data that the CPAP is already capturing. Especially since their data isn’t exactly easily accessible at this state. Some of the other CPAP machines have automatic syncing with their own online services, but this loaner doesn’t have that feature. My next appointment is next Thursday, at which point some of the issues will get addressed. I suspect instead of the basic nasal hose mask, I need a full face mask, since I suspect I’ll still be breathing through my mouth, which reduces the effectiveness of the CPAP.

Tonight, a group of us are going to go see Brightburn, partially thanks to some free tickets I won via Facebook, from Tazmanian Comics. Which is nice, since it’s one that Dee had wanted to see. I’d been interested in it since it was James Gunn, and he’s generally been pretty entertaining. From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty solid.

Recently, I got a message from someone overseas about one of the writings I’ve put up on another site, one that I hadn’t published here. It was strange. Somehow she found the piece, and it resonated with her. I’m debating moving a copy of it over here. Though it’s not quite the same tone as anything else here; it’s got an odd flavor to it. And it’s got a few errors that need to be cleaned up. I’ll probably do that later this week.

Polka is strangely happy music, especially when it’s Weird Al converting modern music into Polka.

Lately I’ve been playing Persona 5 on the PS4, slowly working my way through that strange slice of student life. I’ve fallen off playing Warframe, for some reason. Possibly because I installed it on the PS4 and the Switch, and while most of my progress is on the Switch, the PS4 looks just that little bit better and loads so much faster. Especially since I swapped the regular HDD on the PS4 with an SSD. (Those two acronyms have always bothered me. Hard Disk Drive, Solid State Drive. Of course HDD used to be HD, before High Definition became a thing.)

In theory, I’m also playing Final Fantasy XII : Zodiac Age, on the switch, as well as a half dozen other switch games that I’ve bought that I’ve started and not made much progress in. Including Civilization VI, a game that I continue to bounce off of. I think it’s because I find it hard to judge how I’m doing, both relative to previous attempts and to my opponents. The majority of the game, I feel like I lack that feedback to figure out how to improve.

I haven’t played many board games recently, played a couple of kickstarters when they came in a week or two ago. Towers of Arkanos, a cute little dice drafting game that perhaps deserves it’s own review. And we played Tiny Town, which is a city build that reminds me of the bear game, Triple Town. You are placing blocks in shapes that convert into a single space building and then block one of those spaces. So the trick is to build the buildings in a way that they don’t block the other building layouts.

I really should get a haircut. I’ve just let it grow out and become shaggy, since there isn’t any real reason not to. But with the head straps, the hair gets in the way. On one hand, I’d like to get it cut into something stylish, take advantage of the fact that it’s longer. Then again, I don’t have a barber anymore, and it seems like a simple cut might make life easier.

I’m not sure what the purpose of these longer rambling entries is, since very little of the information is useful or helpful or meaningful to anyone. Though I suppose it’s good to have notes, with my memory being what it is lately.

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