I’m thinking I should put together a page that lists the various characters who appear in this list, separating those who exist from those who don’t and providing as much or as little real world context for them as they feel comfortable with.

This was motivated by aRedBaroness joining the board games and DerBlob having a handle that I am having a hard time associating with him.

So, if you want to volunteer your context, let me know.

Dimestore is our shadowrun GM, a regular board gamer, a scholar and a gentleman.

John Duggan, when he appears in the blog, is a fictional interpretation of a real person, who I never spend much time with. Less of a scholar, but no less a gentleman than Dimestore, he has serious obligations that tend to interfere with board gaming.

Reive Doig has been a figure in the Vancouver kink scene for a few decades now. He’s something of a pioneer, with a passion for community building and education. He is part of the team behind Noir and Erotic Vancouver, which I help with. He tends to have too much on his plate at any given time.

aRedbaroness and I have known each other for years, since I dated one of her friends. While that ended with a bit of a flat note, the friendship has remained. We’ve recently started to collaborate on some projects, as we both have a strong focus on the written word.

mogdoll, the henchmuffin, is a great minion.

I’m sure there are more and more details will be added, but this was what came out of my head on the ride to work.

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    Gravedigger.. AKA Gravey. Completely Fictional Character created in the 1650’s by a deranged mental patient who, after creating the Character, ceased to exist.

    Sadly Reality needs more days to the week, and more hours in each day.


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