The other day, I replayed a bit of Control, to test out the series S I’d picked up, before realizing that apparently Control hadn’t been optimized for the series S, only the series X. Still, it’s a good game, and I was enjoying it. So I loaded up my old save file on my PS4 Pro to play though the DLC. The DLC is not as good as the story in the base game. The way the mysteries unfold during the course of the game is just so good, it’s hard for anything else to really match it.

That inspired me to check where the X-Files was streaming these days; turns out, it’s over on Disney plus, since they own Fox now. I’m part way through the first season. The two strongest episode have been the ones involving the locked room murders: Squeeze and Ghost in the Machine.

In the latter, there are two scenes that were filmed at Metrotown, at the old Dolphin fountain, with the Skytrain in the background. It was weird to see that. It’ll be strange to see other things that I recognize from years back, some of which no longer exist.

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