Breakfast at Cozmos

I’m relaxing at Cozmos up on Hastings; east of the Heights, just past Kensington. Lovely little place, run by some great people. Really friendly, really welcoming. I just had a lovely Italian Benny and am getting myself mentally ready for what promises to be a pretty heavy day.

At 4pm I’ll be meeting Reive, Cap’n Matt, Mikey and Gutrot at the OV train station to take the Modo Promaster over to the storage locker. All the Noir pieces from the locker will get loaded into the van, driven to Chapel and unloaded. Then, after the party, around 3am, we’ll reverse the process and pack it all back into the locker. This isn’t a normal occurrence, just a factor of our beloved venue being under renovations for the next few months.

I figure I’ll get home around dawn, and either zombie out all day, or nap for a bit. I’ve an invitation to Dimestore’s place for board games, if I can manage to recover my faculties by noon.

Monday, I’ve got a 9am doctors appointment, though I can’t recall what for at this point. Probably just a checkup. No real health complaints these days.

Then Thursday, I’ll show up at OV at 10 am to load the furniture from the locker into Taboo. That should take a few hours. Then we will try to do the Taboo highlights slideshow and article for Erotic Vancouver.

It’ll be my first time working with Roman of Dark Edge Media. I’ve seen his photography, he’s got a good eye.

And then I’ll be back at the show most of the weekend. And then teardown Sunday night.

So, two interesting weekends in a row, plus a full week of work in between. There is only bad part of this plan. I won’t have any time for gaming until… Well, I’m not sure when.

At the end of the month, I’ll get my gaming fix at Gottacon.

In the meantime, my copy of Cthulhu Wars has arrived from Green Eyed Games. Its giant and amazing.

But playing it will need to wait.

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