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As I mentioned the other day, I picked up an ereader, with the intention of reading more. I’ve had it for a weekend and a bit, and in that time I’ve read two and a half books. I read the Dresden novel skin games, the first novel in a different urban fantasy series, the Iron Druid, and about half of the Odd Thomas book, which I’ll probably finish today.

So far, Odd Thomas is very much like the movie, and I’d enjoyed the movie. I’m looking forward to the other books in the series.

The Iron Druid book has a similar flavour to Dresden, and I’d recommend it to fans of that series. It has some genuinely funny bits and a pretty interesting magic system.

Skin Games, I’m surprised I hadn’t read earlier, when it first came out. Simply out, it really reminded me of why I enjoyed the Dresden novels, and was perhaps my favourite since Dead Beat.

I’ll probably toss up another quick article like this in a week or two.

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    I see, commenting made easy 🙂

    I was going to say earlier that I bought a couple lovely books myself today; one on rogue taxidermy and its use in art, the other an Annotated Lovecraft Compendium. I bought the latter as a gift for someone but I could not help but read a few pages of the notes… I now need to call the bookseller and order a second copy for myself.

    I need to insert more walks to the park to read into my life. It’s not super related but I have several books that need reading and then there is the Dresden Files I picked up for you today.

    Mostly, you are working full time, keeping yourself busy with all kinds of things in between and your amount of reading puts me to shame. “Buries head like a good ostrich”


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