between xmas and new years.

Well, it’s the 29th of December. On Wednesday, I’ve got a shift, and then in theory, I could go out to Noir. I’ll have friends there, and I’ll have the excuse of having the neon wand set up for demos. Though if I’m doing that, I’ll be sober. And right now, I have an odd inclination to get drunk again. The problem with that is that I lack someone to make sure I get home safe.

Odds are, I’d be fine. I have a tendency to stay functional, no matter how drunk I get. But at the same time, I’ve got a certain paranoia about that.

It seems like it would be easier to stay home and play Dragon Age Inquisition for 18 hours straight, while drinking caffeine and perhaps something alcoholic. Or not. I bought the game for myself for my birthday, still haven’t opened it yet. Would have saved money by buying it on boxing day.

Money hasn’t been a big motivator for me, because when I start to think about it, I tend to become a jerk. If I ignore it, I’m not greedy, but if I start to focus on it, I become much more mercenary. It’s an aspect of myself that I don’t like. It’s also something that gets me in trouble, when I don’t bother to budget properly. But, I’m getting better at that.

This post, and probably the last few posts have lacked punch. They’ve lacked something worth reading. But, it’s better that I write and get things out of my head. It’s good to practice, playing with my words. One area I really need to work on is dialogue, since that’s an area I think I’m weakest in. I have a hard time with the nuances of natural conversation.

I’ve got two posts, maybe three, that are in my drafts folder. One of them has actual thought behind it. I think I need to take some time to work on them. But it’s hard to get into the right headspace lately.

I think I need to adjust my days off in the new year, preferably so I’m getting a pair of days off in a row, rather than the On-On-On-Off-On-Off-On schedule that I’ve been doing. I think that’ll help me in clearing my head and getting out of the bit of a rut that I feel like I’ve gotten into creatively.

With Christmas and New Years over, the next thing on the Horizon will be Taboo, which will be interesting this year. I’ll be working for Erotic Vancouver and we’ve got some awesome Taboo plans. After that, Valentine’s day, and with luck, my Saint Valentine’s day charity massacre. And then Gotta Con. I’ve got a few plans for that, though I suspect it’ll be a little weird.

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